January 2021 COVID recovery project started

August 2020 Viability on Community Hub (church project) completed

February 2021 COVID Community Project started in partnership with Community Council 

February 2019 – Consultant/co-ordinator appointed

December 2018 – Funding for Co-ordinator post acquired

October 2018 – First AGM held, Directors elected, Community Consultation Re. possible Church acquisition continued

September 2018 – Started to explore options for Kilmartin Church

June 2018 Bookswap started in Kilmichael, Kilmartin, and Ford Villages

June 2018 – Membership campaign started

April 2018 – Register Dunadd Community Enterprise as a Business Ltd by Guarantee.
Joined Development Trust Association of Scotland

January 2018 – Articles of Corporation written

November 2017 – Steering group set-up