Kilmartin Church Building Project

At the 2018 AGM the company members decided to explore the possibilities of purchasing and re-purposing the Kilmartin Church building. We are presently in the process of commissioning a feasibility study so the members of the company can make an informed decision on how they want to progress.

The 2018 AGM continued the work of the initial community plan and a previous community meeting by asking what the church building could be used for, the following link is a report of those findings
Possible uses of Kilmartin Church Building

Summary of Project for the Feasibility Study

Structural Survey

ActivityDate to be achieved byCompleted
Funding applied for viability study26 May & 7th AugustCompleted & achieved
Advertise structural survey contractSept 2019Completed
Appoint SurveyorSept 2019Completed
Survey CompletionNov 2019
Report received to be negotiated

Feasibility Study Preparation

ActivityDate to be achieved byCompleted
Report structure identifiedSept 2019completed
Three options for building use – brief agreedSept 2019completed
Prepare briefing sheet for tending applicationSept 2019 completed
Advertise for Professional inputs Aug 2019 completed
Issue Professional inputs Oct 2019completed
Shop studyNov 2019draft received
Explore alternative energy optionsDec 2019
Establish ownership of Kilmartin Crosses Nov 2019achieved

Feasibility Study

ActivityDate to be achieved byCompleted
Estimates for building repair soughtDec 2019
Professional inputs reports completedNov 2019

Report Received

ActivityDate to be achieved byCompleted
Report prepared Dec 2019

Final Report

ActivityDate to be achieved byCompleted
Report accepted by Dunadd Community Enterprise DirectorsDec 2019
Publish findingsJan 2020
Community meeting to discuss findingsJan 2020
Members of Dunadd Community Enterprise make a decision Feb 2020
Dunadd Community Enterprise Directors look at next steps Feb 2020